What NOWEFOR can offer partners:

  • Experience and skill in developing group marketing and purchasing mechanisms, production, micro finance and business studies etc.
  • Skills and experience in uniting diverse groups of farmers to ensure best use of resources and in creating one strong voice.
  • Knowledge of the region, community and organisations.
  • Collective and diverse skills of members and staff in capacity building, communication, networking and partnership building etc.
  • Enthusiastic, proactive and creative multicultural, multilingual, mixed gender staff
  • Innovation and vision based on real local knowledge and strong grassroots support.
  • Good governance, transparency and democracy.
  • Basic resources eg furnished office space, equipment, computers, bicycles, 5ton truck etc
  • Investment opportunities

Areas where partnerships are needed:

  • Expertise in agriculture and the development of added value products, product marketing, farming union structures and activities, the environment and resource mobilisation, communication, IT, project evaluation, organisational communications and marketing, accounting and audits, gender issues, health (malaria, HIV Aids) and the gathering and sharing of best practice.
  • Sustainability and the use of Organisational Development to implement action plans
  • Effectiveness in carrying out lobbying and advocacy functions.


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The federation today known as North West Farmers’ Organisation (NOWEFOR) was founded in October 1995. It is a farmers’ movement for the North West Province of Cameroon registered under the registry of Common Initiative Groups and Co-operatives and guided by law No. 92/006 of 14 August 1992 and its Decree of Implementation No. 92/455/PM of 25 November 1992.

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