NOWEFOR’s Support to Boost Garden Crop and Livestock Production

Since 1995, the North West Farmers Organization (NOWEFOR) has been striving to support the production of garden crops and livestock for small scale farmers in the North West Region of Cameroon.

NOWEFOR being the largest farmers Organization in the region with main objective to improve production and productivity in crop and livestock sectors through capacity building, access to inputs and markets. Furthermore to improve member’s access to adapted financial services through its network of credit houses (NOWEFOCH).

Some of its strategies include:

–          To build capacities of farmers on specific need areas in production and marketing.

–          Organizing Group inputs need assessments and supply to farmers.

–          Search markets for market gardening crops and organize group market sales to maintain price variations to farm products – Increase income of farm families

–          Provide production loans, and micro credits with funds from SOS FAIM Bruxelles to farmers in the production sector, through a micro credit scheme.

–          Provide consultancy services to farmers and common initiative groups in the areas of marketing, production and managing of micro credits.

–          Leasing and creating synergies with government and farmer unions of CIG’s for community development.

Best Practices:

With support from the European Union, NOWEFOR in 2008-2010, through a project entitled: Support project for the production of garden crops and livestock by small scale farmers in the North West Region, brought direct benefits to some 1050 NOWEFOR farmers in different sectors of production. (poultry, gardening, & piggery), in ten communities (Mforyah, Batibo, Mundum, Kai, Nyen-Mbengwi, Babungo,Nchum, Bafut, Bambui and Nseh). Through this assistance, inputs of varied types (insecticides, fungicides, sprayers, motor pump, manure, piglets and grower marsh in terms of chicks, cement, zinc, starter and finisher masrh, improved vegetable seeds).were provided to farmers.

Indirect beneficiaries to this project within the period of 2008-2010, amount to over 3,150 persons (1,827 Men; 1,323 Women) 23 minority groups such as the Mbororo communities in Mundum and people leaving with disabilities are involved.

100 leaders are now able to manage input supply mechanisms in zones and organize input supply to members in their commmunities, 700 farmers have fully mastered the management of viable agricultural production chains in communities, 110 modern poultry houses have been constructed in Mforyah, Bafut and Bambui communities. 27000 chicks were provided, 1000 improved piglets for farmers in 10 of NOWEFOR Communities in 2010. More than 2600 bags of feed, 1000 sheets of zinc, 4800 packets of fungicide, 800litres of pesticide and 2080 bags of manure were also made available to market gardeners in Mforyah, Batibo, Mundum, Bambui and Babungo amongst many others. The construction of the watercatchment in Ibal-Oku and two water collection dams in Mforyah communities has has great impact on the lives of farm families in this areas.

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The federation today known as North West Farmers’ Organisation (NOWEFOR) was founded in October 1995. It is a farmers’ movement for the North West Province of Cameroon registered under the registry of Common Initiative Groups and Co-operatives and guided by law No. 92/006 of 14 August 1992 and its Decree of Implementation No. 92/455/PM of 25 November 1992.

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